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Rams vs. Seahawks Recap: The Quick Five

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Oh, wait, there was a game going on? I think you'd get an excuse if you decided to skip this one, as it was easily one of most embarrassing games to witness if you are a diehard Rams fan (who just happens to be our target audience). I wouldn't be surprised if Spagnuolo got the ax this week, but then again, I don't think any coach on the team is a viable candidate even for an interim job.

Quick Five after the jump

Grade Insert Name Here

Josh Brown, K

Yeah Josh, you had a reason to be angry. You didn't touch the ball! Except for the fact that the ball didn't go ten yards (and no Seahawk touched it), but besides that small fact, you certainly deserve vindication from the league.



Skittles must be loving the product placement they receive from Marshawn Lynch, because they sure looked damn tasty out of the field. If I could think of one product that the Rams should endorse, it'd be the coconut water, because it's expensive yet worthless at the same time.


Steve Spagnuolo, HC

That was probably one of the stupidest challenges I've seen in my life. Do the Rams not watch any of the instant replays? Was it just a grasp for attention? Who knows. I don't even care anymore. Just fire him already and save us the trouble of guessing Stan.


Sam Bradford, QB

Welcome back to the NFL David Carr.


St. Louis Rams

You know, I was watching this game with my friends (who happen to be Seahawks fans, which is unsurprising because I live in Washington) and everyone was laughing when the Rams attempted 5 times to get the ball into the end zone (which they finally did on the 5th try). The only one who wasn't? Me. I was genuinely surprised they scored a touchdown. That is how awful this team is.