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Rams Vs. Seahawks: Rams Can't Convert After Steven Jackson 50-Yard Run

The awfulness continues for the St. Louis Rams, but it was not all bad. Steven Jackson provided the Rams offensive with their lone highlight of the evening so far. Jackson pinged and ponged his way through the Seattle defense after catching a screen pass from Sam Bradford. Jackson broke out for a sweet 50-yard, the kind of thing that used to be more common for Jackson when the Rams were a little better.

Screen passes have been a problem for the Rams all night, as have most any play for the offense, so it was nice to see them finally connect on one.

Unfortunately, the rams offense did all it could not to score inside the red zone. A pass interference call put them at the goal line, but penalties, Adam Goldberg getting pushed into Steven Jackson and more rough looking play from a quarterback who clearly is not feeling well.

Video of Jackson's run, Leon Washington's kick return and Doug Baldwin's touchdown after the jump.

Here's the video of Jackson's run.

Making matters worse, after the Rams settled for a field goal, the Seahawks used a 54-yard kick return from Leon Washington to start a touchdown drive. That video: