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VIDEO: Brandon Browner Intercepts Sam Bradford

The game just keep getting worse and worse for the St. Louis Rams. They got the ball to start the third quarter. Following a 25-yard return from Jerious Norwood, the Rams offense went into beast mode of its own.

Sam Bradford targeted Brandon Lloyd who struggled with the ball out to his side. Brandon Browner made the interception...with his elbow.

Watch the video right here.

That was the first turnover of the game for the Rams. Seattle converted into three points, after Marshawn Lynch run that really was beast mode.

Here's Lynch in beast mode.



Does your stomach hurt yet? It should. It's hard for words to convey just how awful the Rams offense is tonight. From top to bottom, poor play throughout the whole unit has doomed them in this game so far.

Watch at your own risk. Only Seattle's inability to score points is preventing a total blowout.