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VIDEO: Marshawn Lynch Incomplete Pass, Followed By Rams Fumble Recovery

The Seattle Seahawks lead the St. Louis Rams by a score a 10-3 at the half. This game has everything you could ask for in a football game, except for skilled offense. Both teams have attempted their fair share of trick plays, with little to show for them.

Just before the two-minute mark in the second quarter, Seattle attempted a half back pass, Marshawn Lynch to Michael Robinson. It was incomplete. Here's the video of the play:

That play was followed by a Tarvaris Jackson fumble on a botched handoff that the Rams were able to recover; Brady Poppinga recovered it. Unfortunately, the Rams offense had a three-and-out on the resulting possession.

Here's a look at the fumble.



If you want a summary of the first half, the Rams are playing terrible. The Seahawks offense isn't exactly lighting the world on fire either. The Rams defense has been better, but inconsistent.