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ANIMATED: Josh McDaniels Exchanging Pleasantries With Sam Bradford

Uh oh. It's getting tense on the St. Louis Rams' sidelines. The camera caught offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and quarterback Sam Bradford exchanging some tense words prior to the commercial break. You know at some point things are going to boil over for the Rams the way this season has gone.



That's all fury from McDaniels. Wonder what they're talking about?

It isn't exactly the Tom Brady - Bill O'Brien exchange from yesterday, but it's tense nonetheless.

And just for good measure, here's a GIF of Rams safety Darian Stewart losing his helmet on a hit. This is the same Darian Stewart who was out with a concussion last week. Might want to tighten that helmet dude.



McDaniels looked tense on the sidelines after the Rams failed to convert a 4th-and-1. Bradford made a rough looking pass and Danario Alexander couldn't catch it. It's clear that Bradford's timing is off today. His body language is lacking as well.