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VIDEO: Blocked Punt, Michael Robinson Touchdown Give Seattle A Lead

The St. Louis Rams first offensive drive ended about as well as the most cynical fans would have expected. Seattle sent a man in unmolested to block the punt. Michael Robinson picked up the ball and returned it for a 17-yard touchdown. That gave Seattle the lead.

Check out the video of the touchdown and blocked punt here.

Seattle has a 7-0 lead as of now. The Rams just punted a second time, this time without incident.

Sam Bradford has looked a little off tonight, not a surprise given that he missed practice all week and last week's game. Two penalties helped end their first possession. He actually got some decent protection on that last drive, but the Rams offense is having a hard time making anything happen.

Steven Jackson does look to be in beast mode. The Rams will need 110 percent of Jackson's best and then some if they want to win tonight.