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Monday Night Football, 12/12: Random Ramsdom

Are the St. Louis Rams ready for another shot at prime time?
Are the St. Louis Rams ready for another shot at prime time?

Did you enjoy your Sunday? I sure did. Not having the St. Louis Rams to put a black mark on the closing day of the weekend offered a nice little respite. We'll see what happens tonight when the Rams take on the Seahawks in Seattle for a Monday Night Football game sure to be a ratings bonanza.

Let's get to the links.

Hello America, we're the St. Louis Rams - What an exciting treat for football fans, an NFC West battle in prime time. The Rams know their season is shot, but they still want to make it right with a strong outing on the national stage.

Bradford gets limited work in practice: Brit Miller looking iffy - Bradford did manage to get on the field this weekend, so he might play tonight in Seattle. Fullback Brit Miller, however, looks doubtful after hurting his knee in practice on Saturday.

Seahawks outplaying the Rams - Seattle's offensive line is the only one in the league as injury riddled as the Rams' front five. They still manage to win games and play good football in spite of those limitations. I'll say it again, injuries are a poor excuse.

NFL Playoff Picture: Seahawks Still Have Chance Of Making The Postseason - It's huge long shot, obviously. The rest of the NFC West is playing much better than the Rams this year. Arizona's upset yesterday is a good reminder of that.

The St. Louis Saints? - Don't we wish. A Fox station in Nashville, TN helped St. Louis find a new team. Also, television news CG errors are funny.

On Josh McDaniels And Offensive Continuity - Rams Herd says the team needs to dump Josh McDaniels after this season. But what about the transition for Sam Bradford? That's covered here too.

Week 14 Preview: Rams v Seahawks - Rams Gab previews tonight's game.