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Fantasy Football Last-Minute Advice: Your Mother Always Said You'd Screw It Up

For standard fantasy football leagues, this week is your last chance to nail down a playoff spot. If you're already out of it, don't sleep on it, you can play the spoiler role, shaking off your patsy role and keeping your dickwad brother-in-law out of the playoffs lest he make the holidays even more insufferable. We're here to help.

Our own Mike D, @dvond, had his weekly round up of over and under achievers. Give that list a quick scan as you make last-minute roster decisions.

There are also some injury situations to be aware of, including Adrian Peterson sitting out today and Michael Vick returning to the lineup for the Eagles. Get all the news on injuries, replacements and who to start in this week's fantasy stream over at SB Nation NFL.

And, of course, we're here to help too. Give us a follow on Twitter @TurfShowTimes and hit us up with your questions.