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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Will Robert Griffin III Get Picked Before Andrew Luck?

Draft debates are always great offseason fodder, and the mother of all draft debates is shaping up in the wake of last night's Heisman Trophy award ceremony. Conventional wisdom and every single 2012 NFL Mock Draft has Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck being picked first overall, the safest pick since Peyton Manning. Now, there appears to be some dissent among the chattering classes.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported this morning that one NFL general manager told him that Robert Griffin III is preferred over Luck by some teams.

Whether or not that holds much water remains to be seen. If does, it's excellent news for the St. Louis Rams, who will most likely have the second overall pick. Two must-have quarterbacks at the top of the draft could make the Rams' spot quite desirable to the many teams needing a quarterback. The Rams and whoever their new general manager may be could swap out of the second spot for a bevvy of picks.

We'll see if that holds, but the hype around Griffin is building and might not slow between now and the end of April.