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Why Did The St. Louis Rams Bench C Jason Brown? The Concentration

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The St. Louis Rams starting center Jason Brown will be on the bench this week when the Rams take on the Cleveland Browns. The news comes as something of a surprise, given that benching players hasn't exactly been the norm at Rams Park this season, despite their inconsistent play. So why is Brown getting benched, despite some sources inside the organization telling the Post-Dispatch that he's been one of their better linemen? 

It's the concentration, stupid. Quarterback Sam Bradford pointed out the mental mistakes that were handcuffing his team, particularly in the red zone. 

As much as I hate to say that, I think it's a lack of concentration once we get down there. Some of the mistakes that we do make down there, there's no reason for them, and we've got to find a way to eliminate those.

We get down there and we just continue to shoot ourselves in the foot with either penalties or negative plays that put us behind the chains and put us into bad situations. The sooner we can eliminate those negative plays, I think the sooner we'll finally start to see rewards.

Against the Dallas CowboysBrown was tipping his head and revealing the snap count, giving the Dallas defense an extra jump on the ball. All season, he's been inconsistent. Actually, Brown's inconsistency didn't start this season. He's been prone to mistakes, and some have wondered if he's prone to take plays off on occasion. 

According to the PD article, sources inside Rams Park said that Brown has been among their best linemen. If someone on the Rams' staff is saying that, no wonder there are problems. 

Fans of accountability can find some positive in the move. Brown isn't the first player to get benched this season. Weakside linebacker Ben Leber got bumped down the depth chart in favor of Chris Chamberlain, to favorable results. Jason Smith spent a game on the bench this year too, but did return to action before suffering his third concussion in that game against the Cowboys. 

Playing on a five-year, $35 million contract, Brown was at one time the highest paid center in the league. 

It signals that players may finally be held accountable for less than acceptable results.