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Jason Brown to sit against the Browns

Jason Brown hasn't been the best offensive lineman for the Rams. In fact, since he's been a Ram he's been more average than good. Even so, with one of the weakest offensive lines in football, it's kind of surprising that the Rams will sit their starting center.

However Brendan Wiese (with credit from KFNS radio) broke the news on twitter that Brown will sit this week

I have been given clearance to report. PLEASE credit KFNS radio: Rams Center Jason Brown will not start Sunday in Cleveland. 

The benching isn't supposed t ojust be about his  poor performance this season, so something had to happen, but no one is talking.

Also, does anyone think that coach Spags will shine more light on this benching? This isn't the Rams first healthy scratch of the season and it might not be their last.

If Brown does sit out this game it will leave Tony Wragge as the Rams starting center. I would be nervous about the Rams benching their starting center, but the way the Rams offensive line has been playing it can't be worse with out him.

If this benching has any indication on the future, the Rams offensive line will look different next season. That should be a good thing for Sam Bradford.