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Mark Clayton activated by the Rams

Finally some good news for the Rams.  Jim Thomas is reporting that the Rams will activate Mark Clayton off the PUP list and he will play Sunday.  Tom Brandstater will be cut to make room for Clayton.

Mark has missed the first 8 games due to recovery from a patella tendon injury.  Recently, Clayton has been struggling with Achilles Tendonitis and was in a walking boot earlier this week.  The injury was reported to take about 2-3 months or basically the rest of the season to recover from.

Those reports might have been premature, because in an article from Jim Thomas earlier Clayton said...

"I feel good, I feel really the best I've felt in the last three weeks. My body's getting adjusted to everything and balancing itself out. The Achilles is getting a lot better. I've been able to really be explosive off of that side now."

The Rams WRs have been struggling this season.  Additionally, the injures of Danny Amendola and Greg Salas left the cupboard bare.  The addition of Mark Clayton, combined with the trade for Brandon Lloyd should help that situation out.  Mark Clayon impressed last season seeming to have instant chemistry with Sam Bradford.   He had 23 catches for 306 yards and two touchdowns in 5 games.  

It's not shocking that the Rams released Brandstater.  The Rams have been playing with only 2 QBs all year with the exception of Sunday.  The release of Tom shows the Rams are fully confident that Sam is fully healed from his high ankle sprain.

Hopefully with Mark Clayton coming back from injury, the Rams offense can start to play better.  They are 26th in the league in passing yards at 202.8 a game.  Having two legitimate starting receivers in the NFL should help Sam Bradford and the Rams improve those numbers.