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Rams sign LB David Nixon

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Per Jim Thomas, the Rams have signed David Nixon to the active roster.  The need for a LB came up because Bryan Kehl (ankle) and Josh Hull (hamstring)  sustained injuries.  After those injuries the Rams only had 4 LBs on the active roster.  Yesterday, the Rams worked out two LBs, one being the new addition David Nixon, and the other being Chase Blackburn.

Nixon was on the practice squad of the Rams last season and on the active roster for a month.  The familiarity with the system definitely was a reason they signed Nixon. 

Nixon is a third year pro out of BYU.  He is undersized for a LB.  He is only listed at 225 lbs on hasn't had much playing time in his career.  He has only made 8 tackles with 2 assist (all last year with the Texans)   Nixon will provide help to the special teams, but he won't be playing on the defense, barring injuries.  

Now the news you've all been waiting for is whether or not Mark Clayton will be activated.   The decision is due at 3 so I will have a post up as soon as the news breaks.  From what I hear, the Rams wanted to have another look at Clayton in practice before they make their decision.  Stay tuned.