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TST Mailbag: Should Spags become the Rams Defensive coordinator?

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Another loss another chance to vent in TST mailbags. Times are tough in STL right now, but it could be worse, we could be Colt fans. Well at least they have an excuse, so I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

Anyway this week, we have another interesting set of questions, so let's get to them.

Jerry Will Will the Rams go after Haynesworth ?  

Why should they? It's not like he's been good, or the Rams are in the playoff hunt.

Russell Graham Where's are the real problems, And let's address them.

 Injuries and players regressing. Maybe a full offseason, some vets who aren't going down hill, and a couple of new coaches will help.

Nacho Beltran when are we going to be good?   

I'm hoping next year

Mike Sahr When are u going to give up covering the rams...99 yard punt way to just hand a game to someone?

It'snot interesting seeing the different ways the Rams lose?

Robert Buchanan III When are we going to get rid of Spagnuolo?

There's no reason to cut him during the season, I would expect him to get fired this year if things keep up, maybe a few wins will convince Stan otherwise.

Chris Kuykendall Is trading Jackson this offseason a realistic option? It would be nice to see him play for a winner (a la Tony G) and the Rams have so many holes to fill they could really use the return Jackson would bring. I'd sure hate to see him go as a Rams fan though.

Yes sir, the Rams could trade jackson after this season and I'm sure Jackson would love to finally go to a winning team. What would the Rams get for him though? Probably not enough to trade him, nless he doesn't want to be here.

 Pablo Contreras So are you happy in how the team is playing this season....  Hell yeah, they look good on my madden franchise.

Carlos Los Ortiz Do you think going for it on 4 and 1 instead of Josh brown kicking a field goal was a good idea or do you think Spags didn't have enough confidence in his D to hold them?

I have no problem with it, I think he trusted the D, that's the main reason why he knew he could go for it.

Ross McCooey With so many serious injuries about the league this year (although we seem to have gotten more than ou fair share), how much do you think the lockout has helped the prominence of these injuries with players missing OTAs and the likes? Are the Rams just flat out unlucky in this regard or what?

I think the Rams are just unlucky. I'm sure the lockout had something to do with it.

Ross McCooey Is the Madden curse real?

 Yes, we should blame Faulk for being on the Hall of Fame edition.

Mike Tockgo whose better? Madden 2012 Rams or the actual team itself??

 Good question, I don't have 2012 so I couldn't tell you.


One day.

Joe Baccamazzi Who is the Rams mid-season MVP? on't cheat  us andsay Steven Jackson. That's a given.

James L is the only other person I would consider for Mid-season MVP.

 Joe Baccamazzi Will the 49ers and Rams finish the end of the season with opposite records?

Good chance, damn that would suck watching the 49ers have such a great season. 12-4 49ers and 4-12 Rams is my guess, if it would happen.

Chris Kuykendall Why hasn't Brandon Gibson been a bigger part of the game plan? Is it just me, or is he being vastly under-utilized? He's a more well-rounded receiver than DX at this point in their careers

 I like Gibson also, he needs to work on getting open more though.

Rusty Ruble will rams draft a wr or o linemen

No doubt in my mind we would do this. Which one, I'm leaning towards OT.

Peter Yanni Is Sam Bradford as good as we thought/think?

I'm in a wait and see with him, but man things haven't been going in his favor this season. I think this question will be easier to ask this time next year.

Josh Graunke How much longer will we have to endure Bradford reading the blitzes before we give the responsibility back to someone who can?

He has to develop reading the blitz eventually, things can't get worse.

 Mike Tockgo When are we going to open up the offense? Finally they figured out that SJax should get more carries. This should allow them to go deep and take some chances!!

 I didn't have a problem with many of the plays called, I do have a problem with the execution though.

Ross McCooey Do you think if we do get Spags out as HC that we can possibly keep him as a DC? As frustrated as I am with how this year is panning out I don't think we should abandon Spags totally, maybe just cut down his responsibilities to one side of the ball. Thoughts? 

 Think of it this way, if a guy took your girlfriend after three years, would you be his best friend?

Dennis DiegoSantiago Stockblom How much effect Do you think this "non-offseason" hit the Rams offense? I mean, they had mcdaniels brother helping em out so they actully did get good reps with a coach that knows the system. Does mcdaniels run the most complexed offense in the league, and is Bradford smart enough for it?

I'm pretty sure that was just a rumor that spread, I know Sam had Charlie Weis to help learn the offense.

Michael Towery With all the problems this team has what would you say is our biggest problem ?

Failure in the redzone has killed this team.

Rickey Dula Why won't Sam keep the ball on 4 and inches? Why can't he get us in the endzone like aj did? What happened to MJ and rod hood. King cost us a td giving up three big plays in a row. King is the weak link in our defense.

Tevin He was kind of hurt, but I don't remember seeing Sam doing many QB sneaks in STL. Well A.J Feeley only threw one TD against the Saints, Steven Jackson just finished the deal. Who is MJ? I agree King is a big handicap, but the Rams have to play with him.