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Decision on Mark Clayton coming tomorrow

Remember when everyone thought Mark Clayton would be healthy by now? He's still not 100% going into week 10. Clayton is now dealing with Achilles Tendinitis, which is a two to three month injury.

The Rams are a mess right now, they are 1-7, and injured everywhere not just at wide receiver. Things got worse Sunday when rookie Greg Salas broke his fibula and will now miss the rest of the season.

The Rams have to make a decision on rather to activate Mark Clayton, release him, or place him on IR by Wednesday.

So what should the Rams do in this matter?

If the Rams activate him

That doesn't mean the Rams have to play him this week or next week. The season is basically over, but this could be a good try out period for Clayton. There are so many things that could happen this offseason, but if the Rams want to cover all their bases, they have to make sure Clayton will be a good player in this offense.

Think about it this way Greg Salas and Danny Amendola are out for the year. Amendola contract is up at the end of the year, it's unclear if the Rams will resign him yet.

Even if those two are back and healthy, the Rams don't know if Brandon Lloyd will be here next season. Brandon Lloyd looks really impressive, so there could be some kind of bidding war for him. If there is a better offer with another team, would you resign with the Rams?

If the Rams release him or place him on IR.

Basically it would mean he won't be on the team next year. Will there be a small chance, sure, but that's only if there aren't any other options out there. Unless bringing a player back who had a major knee surgery last season and who wouldn't be able to play this year is a good plan

It was kind of surprising when the Rams brought him back, but bringing him back after missing more than a season and a half and he's not under contract next season, would be too much of a stretch.