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Random Ramsdom, 11/8: Stan Kroenke, Steve Spagnuolo and Closer Looks

St. Louis Rams news and headlines.
St. Louis Rams news and headlines.

At this point you should be feeling a little better about things. The St. Louis Rams crushing overtime defeat at the hands of the equally ineffective Arizona Cardinals is far enough in the rear view mirror to forget. Or not. Today's news roundup has plenty to remind you of the loss. C'est la vie.

Bradford in boot; injury list gets longer - Notice nobody got serious injured in the win over the Saints? This week's loss came with another lengthy injury report, including Sam Bradford back in a boot. DT Darell Scott should be back this week.

Spagnuolo dissects tough loss for Rams - Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo has no problems with the play calls on the field in the loss against Arizona. Leaving a linebacker to cover Larry Fitzgerald, punting to Patrick Peterson, calling the same play on fourth-and-1 as the down before...all part of the plan.

St Louis Rams WR Greg Salas Injury - Get Well Soon - I really hate to see Salas out for the season. Our own VT takes a (photo)graphic look at how the injury happened.

Closer look at Peterson's 99-yard return - Patrick Peterson's 99-yard punt return for a touchdown Sunday stands as the second-longest in NFL history. It should stand as the longest.

Silver linings: Rams at Cardinals - It's hard to find much positive after that loss, but Sando does find a few choice nuggets. The Rams defense has legitimately improved of late.

Is Stan Kroenke A Good Owner? - Jeff at Rams Gabs wonders if Stan Kroenke isn't stretched a little thin to be an engaged NFL owner. We'll see what happens, but I can't imagine Kroenke will continue to settle for these kind of results. A good read.