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NFL Picks Against the Point Spread Contest Winner!

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I'm pretty sure Kuhl is the one with the beak? (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
I'm pretty sure Kuhl is the one with the beak? (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Getty Images

We have a WINNER in the Weekly NFL Picks Contest! What started out as a lark to prove how hard picking winners against the spread can be, turned into an impromptu gathering of SBNation sites here at TST. We had Chiefs and Raiders, Pats and Packers, Cowboys, Jaguars and 49ers. Seahawks and Chargers met up with Eagle and Lions... Pretty cool, eh?

To refresh your memories, we offered a replica Jersey of the winner's choice, plus the opportunity to guest pick for Team TST in the regular Weekly NFL Picks post. Will I do anything to find a wringer or what?

The contest wound up with 115 competitors picking 1610 games. How did they do? Well let's just say the point spread had its way with the group overall as they posted a 47.76% winning percentage on 769 wins. Nine people hit on 9 wins, three on 10 wins, and two on 11 wins. I won't grouse over the fact that a certain former Team TST member was one of the 9 win blokes... Like he couldn't have done it THIS week for us? Just kidding! Way to go DuhhhRams! The biggest winner from TST is Camo702 with 10 wins.

Now here is the amazing part: two guys hit on 12 out of 14 games. Which of course means Team TST gets one of these two sharks to pick for us! Bwah-Ha-Ha! You are going down this week Ryan Van Bibber and your base born crew!

The 12 game winners are both visitors to Turf Show Times: fatwillie from Blogging the Boys and kuhl from Acme Packing Company. With only two semi-finalists, using the random number generator seemed like a bit much, so I flipped a coin: Heads for fatwillie, and tails for kuhl, and the winner is?


. Acmepackingco_medium


This was too much fun guys! We'll be doing it again very soon. In the mean time, respect the point spread. It's pure evil!