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Rams vs. Cardinals: The Monday Injury Update

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The Rams continued their storied tradition of getting bombarded by injuries yesterday. We already know Greg Salas is out for the year (confirmed by Spagnuolo himself), but a slew of other players were injured. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but here we go:

  • Everyone's favorite underachiever, Jason Smith, is still dealing with concussion issues from his injury against Dallas. He will not be practicing on Wednesday. If his previous concussion recuperating times are any indication, don't expect him on the field against Cleveland.
  • Danario Alexander (hamstring), Darell Scott (concussion) and Gary Gibson (hip) are still dealing with injuries. It's still up in the air if they'll be available on Sunday. Of note, if Scott and Gibson aren't available, the Rams will only have two healthy DT's.
  • Lance Kendricks sprained his foot, and his MRI came back negative, meaning no serious issues. Still, running on a sprained foot can be somewhat difficult, so his status is also up in the air.
  • Sam Bradford is back in his walking boot after yesterday's difficult performance. The team is unsure of whether or not he will practice on Wednesday.
  • I haven't found any official news on Mark Clayton, but yesterday he stated that he has Achilles Tendinitis. His knees are fine, but Achilles Tendinitis is something that is both painful and takes up to three months to completely heal.

Depending on who you talk to, this could be bad news or good news. Good news in the sense that all of the players I listed should be able to come back in some capacity relatively soon; bad in the fact that the Rams have even more injuries to deal with.