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St. Louis Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo's Press Conference - Where is the Accountability?

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Having just watched Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo's press conference, a flavor comes to mind: Vanilla

I actually do respect Steve Spagnuolo. His resumes before he arrived in St. Louis is ample proof of knowledge of at least the defensive side of NFL football. What I get from him after press conferences like today, is that he is owning "wait and see" more than owning up to his team's failings, and by extension his own... If he were a doctor and he had a patient complaining that "it hurts right here", Doctor Steve would prescribe his "golly-shucks" demeanor with a healthy dose of "wait and see"... Time to look deeper Dr. Steve, because the pain just isn't going away any time soon.

I have no doubt that Steve is a very nice guy because of how the St. Louis press treats him during his press-ers. The reporters talk in low tones in almost a matter-of-fact way that has me wondering. If this season happened to the New York Giants (Steve's former team) there would have had to be riot police on hand to contain the media's wrath and blood thirst. Yes, the kinder and gentler media of St. Louis just doesn't get all that wound up at their NFL franchise being moribund and ill-defined.

This press conference could very well have been one from any week of this 2011 season, except maybe the week the Rams beat the New Orleans Saints. "There was some..." - "...on to the next game" - "No, of course not..." - "Injuries..." - "Sam will tell you..."

Benign Spagnuolo-isms just aren't cutting it any longer. It's time for this coach to take his staff, his players, and himself to task for failures and to do so in the clear light of the media. "It could have been better..." just isn't baking the cookies Steve...