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St. Louis Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo Press Conference, Nov. 7

Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo is about to take the mic for the weekly press conference. There should be plenty of injury info forthcoming and some softball questions, though the tone had been getting less and less soft prior to the Saints victory.

Don't expect the same level of vitriol you'll find here on TST. It's just not how that game is played. The problem is that the Rams tend to keep doing the same thing, both as a franchise and as a team, despite lessening returns. At some point, things have to be shaken up.

And while injuries have turned over much of the depth chart this season (and will continue to do so with the season-ending injury to Greg Salas), there was hardly an out-of-the-box gameplan for the offense yesterday.

It was simple. It was straightforward. And it was predictable, pedestrian and ridiculously frustrating.

We'll have updates coming after the presser.

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