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Rams Vs. Cardinals: Highlight Videos and Photos From The Game

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Apparently, the St. Louis Rams win over the Saints in week 8 was more aberration than possibility. Yesterday's loss looked much more like the Rams we've come to know. In fact, it looked an awful lot like the team we saw fall flat in a week 17 prime time game last season.

As usual, we have tons of photos from yesterday's game for your viewing pleasure, if you can stomach looking at them. Maybe you'll find them to be instructive, educational. Who knows. There are at least some cheerleaders photos, and cheerleaders are always nice to look at regardless of how crummy the rest of the product on the field really is.

We also have some highlight videos. Unfortunately, the Rams are usually on the wrong side of those.

Here are both of the Rams safeties from yesterday.

Here's the blocked field goal and Patrick Peterson's punt-return touchdown.

Finally, here's Bradford's interception.