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Rams vs. Cardinals Recap: The Quick Five

The worst part about this loss is the fact that the Rams, after finally showing a glimpse of life, shot themselves in the foot yet again and lost an easily winnable game. It's sad to say, but if the Rams can't beat the NFC West...very bad things will happen.

It couldn't have gotten much easier then that, and they blew it.


Greg Salas, WR

There were some fringe members of TST who believed in a conspiracy theory that had rookie Greg Salas usurping Danny Amendola's role in the offense. He has a great game today. Then he broke his leg. Is it something in the air? I think the Rams need to start handing out vitamins because these injuries are getting out of hand.


Chris Chamberlain, OLB

Last year, Chamberlain looked lost when starting for the defense, clearly outmatched. This year, he has improved so much so that I think he's secured quite a bit of time as an OLB. He's always been a great special teamer, but he is starting to put some things together on defense too.

Sam Bradford, QB

To all those who said he should have sat out the game: you couldn't be more wrong. As a QB, and as a leader of a team, you never, ever, EVER sit out a game when you can play. It's just that simple. The real reason why people believe he should have sat is that he just isn't playing that well. You don't go very far with average.

Darian Stewart, S

Stewart has really picked things up after having a forgettable start to the season. When playing to their potential, the Rams have one of the best safety pairs in the league. It's only a shame that the secondary has been destroyed by injuries.



I can't fault Spagnuolo for going for it at the end of the game. In fact, I love that aggressiveness in a coach. But that is beside the point, because the coaching staff made so many blunders that you almost knew the Rams would lose going into overtime. I just don't see how you punt it to Patrick Peterson, especially when you have the best punter in the league.