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Turf Show Time: Photo Caption Contest

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  So much angst has flowed through me in the last 24 hours that I'm beginning to think a Rams loss is mental fiber? But enough of that! It is time once again for the Photo Caption madness that grips Turf Show Times every Monday night. Wicked wit and keen turn of phrase are the rule, along with leaving you anxiety behind you. Negative thoughts are to be either left at the wayside, or find yourself another of the fine TST posts to rant in.

  This is a place where yesterday will NOT rule today! So slap yourself out of your funk, because it's time once again to have at images from your point of view. Slather on some humor, and you could very well win the day! The prize for this contest is football knowledge beyond your wildest dreams. Fantasy leagues will fear you! Corner sports bars will ban you! I offer you wisdom this time grasshoppers. Not only that, but one of the contributing authors, Shutdown Corner's own Doug Farrar will be visiting TST this week in an interview conducted by yours truly!



The judge this week will be our very own VTRamsFan. The ever busy 3k should have last week's winner soon. It seems sifting through 800 odd captions and comments takes a wee bit 'o time? Go figure?

 Enter as many times as you wish! So without further blah-blah.... Ready...Set...GO!