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"Just when you think they can't find a new way to drop one..." Tweet Following Loss Vanishes From Rams Official Timeline

How bad was the St. Louis Rams overtime loss to the Arizona Cardinals this week? It was so bad that the Rams official Twitter account even jumped onto the dog pile, criticizing the team for a weak effort just one week after a big win. Then, the questionable Tweet mysteriously disappeared. Fortunately, nothing disappears for long these days, and we can thank friend of the site Matt Sebek for preserving the short-lived statement from the Rams.

Oh, nevermind. It seems this tweet from @STLouisRams miraculously disappeared. Of course. --
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In case you're wondering and are just too lazy to click through, the Tweet said: "Just when you think they can't find a new way to drop one..."


I guess it's comforting to know that watching this team gets tedious for even the Rams staff. Deleting the Tweet seems a little, um, Soviet-esque, but given the predilection for random firings of folks who run afoul of the head coach inside Rams Park, I respect the sense of self-preservation.