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St Louis Rams loss @ the Arizona Cardinals - Oh The Pain

Just a week out from the Rams greatest victory in two NFL seasons, and arguably the best in head coach Steve Spagnuolo's tenure, the St Louis Rams lost to the Arizona Cardinals, a 1-6 team starting their backup quarterback... a game which many will admit has to be one of the most disappointing losses since the Rams lost at Seattle in week 17 last season for the division title.

The Rams for the most part had the game in control much of the game.. defensively. Offensively was another story. Sam Bradford was coming back after a high ankle sprain that had sidelined him for the past 2 weeks, and looked extremely rusty, unsettled, and indecisive at times.

Early in the game the Rams opened up the playbook and mixed the long ball with the run quite well, and even though the Rams didn't score a touchdown, they still walked away with 9 points, a lead, and the Cardinals somewhat on their heals.

The second half the Rams offensive play calling was conservative at best, and the Cardinals sensed this and bottled up the Rams, particularly against the run. Steven Jackson had a couple decent runs but in the end the Rams just could not get the ball down field, and had few attempts to do so.

Even still, the Rams defense rose to the occasion and scored 2 safeties which was fitting. Why? Because that gave the Rams 13 points.. and as many here know, a former member use to call that the "13 point death score". This week it took the defense to get them there.

Even still, the Rams had a chance to win the game with no time left in the fourth quarter with a walk off field goal by Josh Brown however, the FG was blocked sending the game to overtime. I think at that point most of Rams Nation knew what would be coming.

Supper was ready for me, and my wife asked me how much longer. I told her, "... the Rams are about to punt, so it won't be long." And I was right. Rookie Patrick Peterson took the punt to the house, putting the Rams and the entire fan base out of their misery.

And what's worse? Greg Salas is now likely done for the season with a broken fibula. I am almost speechless as to what this team has gone through this season, and at how poorly we've played as a team.

Today I still love the Rams, but I hate this season. I can't think of one worse, and that includes the Linehan era. What's next?