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VIDEO: Rams Safeties Add To Their Lead

The St. Louis Rams offense has been able to move the ball today against the Arizona Cardinals. Unfortunately, they have not been able to put the ball into the end zone. The Rams' defense on the other hand, is having no problem finding the end zone. The defensive line has sacked Cardinals quarterback John Skelton TWICE in the end zone for two safeties in the third quarter, giving the Rams a 13-6 lead in the third quarter. 

Check out the video of each safety. First, here's James Hall's:

And here is C.J. Ah You's safety just a few minutes later:

Unfortunately for Ah You, the officials took away the sack, ruling it intentional grounding on Skelton. The Rams still get the safety, but nothing else in the stat sheet.

Through three quarters of play, neither team has actually scored a touchdown, despite combining for 415 yards of offense. A combine 11 penalties isn't helping the speed of a game between two team battling their way out of the NFC West cellar.