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VIDEO: Sam Bradford Picked Off On Deep Ball To Brandon Lloyd

Making his first start since suffering a high ankle sprain in week 6, the St. Louis Rams were counting on Sam Bradford to lead the team to its second win in as many games. Off to decent start, Bradford threw a deep ball on a flea flicker to newly acquired wide receiver Brandon Gibson that was picked off by the Cardinals rookie corner Patrick Peterson. Here's the video of the interception. 

Bradford probably should have been looking for another receiver, but the Rams have been taking some deep shots with Lloyd in the mix now. Unfortunately this is how it turned out. The Rams defense quickly forced a three-and-out to keep the Cardinals from taking advantage, and Bradford drove the length of the field, eating up lots of clock time, in a drive that ended anticlimactically with a field goal. 

That kick gave the Rams a 6-3 lead. Bradford is nine for 12 with 91 yards in the game so far.