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Lance Kendricks Injury: Rams TE Carted Off The Field With Ankle Injury

St. Louis Rams rookie tight end Lance Kendricks was taken off the field in the second quarter with an ankle or a foot injury. The injury was to his right ankle. No word on the seriousness of the injury or whether or not Kendricks will be able to return to the game. For now, his return is questionable. 

Kendricks had one catch for seven yards, but the catch gave the Rams a crucial first down. That is one more catch than any of the other Rams' tight ends. The Rams lead the Cardinals by a score of 6-3. Kendricks, a second-round pick, was expected to be a key part of the Rams offense this season; however, he has struggled since making his first start in the first week of the season, to the point where his playing time has been scaled back. 

Sam Bradford is eight for 11 with 81 yards passing and one interception. Steven Jackson leads the Rams with 43 yards on 12 carries.