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Sam Bradford Injury: Rams Likely To Start Bradford Today

The St. Louis Rams may have their starting quarterback after all. According to the team, it looks like Bradford will start today, but they still have yet to make that official. An announcement is expected shortly. 

Bradford's status has been up in the air all week. At one point, earlier in the week, it seemed as though he might be on the bench for the third week in a row. Then he started practicing more and more, forcing the Rams to hold their decision until game time today. With the game scheduled to kick off in less than three hours, it looks like they may finally be ready to make a decision. 

Even though backup A.J. Feeley did a fine job in an upset win over the Saints last week, getting Bradford back on the field would be a small victory in and of itself for the Rams. His arm and accuracy were sorely missed last week, and with Brandon Lloyd giving them a bona fide receiver, it could be a perfect match.