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Sam Bradford Injury: Game Time Decision For Rams QB, But...

St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford practiced this week, returning after a protracted absence. Bradford had been dealing with a high ankle sprain, and is getting better. The team called him a game-time decision for today's game against the Cardinals, and there is still no word on his status. That said, if you're relying on Bradford for fantasy football, you might want to look elsewhere for options. 

Bradford can throw fine, according to the coaches. The problem is ability to move. Think about rollouts and, more importantly, Bradford's ability to move away from pass rushers and protect himself. Given the struggle the Rams have had in pass protection, that may be a deciding factor for leaving Bradford on the bench for the third straight week. 

The Rams used a simple game plan against the Saints last week with backup QB A.J. Feeley. It worked, and there's no reason to think it won't work against Arizona if the Rams defense can play like it did last week. 

The Cardinals will be starting backup quarterback John Skleton, as Kevin Kolb deals with turf toe. 

Two NFC West backup quarterbacks...feel the excitement. 

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