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LSU-Alabama: NFL Draft notes & college football open thread

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  It's here. LSU and Alabama. I feel like I should drop some kind of Brent Musberger corniness. "The Tigers and the Tide. Miles and Saban. The South has returned."

  As you can tell from both my watchlist for the week and the MTD game notes, this game is absolutely stacked with NFL talent on both sides, though largely on defense. Honestly, if you have a hole on defense, you could improve it with a prospect from this game. Take the Rams.

  Interior defensive line issues? LSU's Michael Brockers is turning into a possible elite prospect and both Josh Chapman and Jesse Williams from the Tide look like day 3 guys even though they've disappointed in recent weeks.

  Linebackers play not up to par? Bama's just stupid deep at the position with Courtney Upshaw, Dont'a Hightower, Nico Johnson, not to mention their next generation LB studs in Jon Atchison and C.J. Mosley. LSU ILB Kevin Minter is no pushover either.

  What's that? Cornerback? How about Morris Claiborne, Tyrann Mathieu (no, he's not eligible until the 2013 draft), Dre Kirkpatrick and Dee Milliner? Grossly talented lot, both the former pair of LSU and the latter of Alabama.

  Safeties are there to be had as well. LSU offers Brandon Taylor and Craig Loston while Bama could supply the top two safeties in the draft with SS Mark Barron and FS Robert Lester.

  And while the entirety of the offenses aren't overwhelming, there are top prospects. If you don't know of Trent Richardson by now, you must avoid college football at all costs and therefore you're not reading this. Rueben Randle needs some serious work, but has some unteachable gifts (speed, size) that have made him a useful target since his arrival at LSU. And there are offensive line prospects aplenty, though the majority of them are better suited for power run schemes.

  So uh, if you're not going to watch this game, I'm not sure what to tell you. Sure, there are other games tonight: South Carolina-Arkansas, Arizona St.-UCLA,  Kansas St.-Oklahoma St. But this is the best game of the 2000's. There is no excuse.

  I'll be busy yakking with family and explaining stuff to my daughter, but in between I'll try to drop off some of my notes in my scouting notebook here tonight. Go ahead and do the same if you're tuning in.