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NFL Draft notes - college football open thread

  Well, the Day of Reckoning is here. Tonight, it's a historical matchup between two SEC powers who occupy (wrong word?) the top two spots in the BCS standings: LSU-Alabama. In the interim, there's a boatload of scouting to be done. Take a look at the watchlist for this week to get started (and yes, it will be updated throughout the day).

  The day starts with a Big Ten matchup in Michigan-Iowa that offers plenty of prospects. You can see the movement on the watchlist - suffice to say, guys are playing their way up boards and off them in some cases. There should be some good battles between Iowa's offensive line and Michigan's defensive front. Guys like Mike Martin, Ryan Van Bergen (not to be confused with Ryan Van Bibber...) and Craig Roh should give Iowa's beefy line, led by junior standout Reilly Reiff, a heck of a challenge.

  If you can stomach the sloppiness that I expect, Connecticut-Syracuse offers some decent mid-round guys to get a good look at. There's not much at the skill positions, but the line talent is worth a look-see. Connecticut's C Moe Petrus and DT Kendall Reyes as well as Syracuse's DE Chandler Jones and OT Justin Pugh could all be factors in the 2012 NFL Draft.

  And of course, if you get the conference networks, Florida-Vandy and Indiana-Ohio St. have dozens of guys worth watching.

  So hook it up right here throughout the day as we get ready for the big one tonight.