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TST Week In Review 10/31 to 11/5

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It's been another great week here at Turf Show Times. Then again, winning puts everyone in a good mood. Just like every week the front page writers, decided to put up quality articles for us to read. So if you think you missed something be sure to check the news, that we have covered for you.

The Front page


Fantasy Football Overachievers and Underachievers 

 Mike Dietrich, looks at players who will impact your fantasy games.


TST Mailbag.

Brick Top answers the questions you asked this week.


Saints @ Rams Stats That Mattered

In this post Brandon looks at the stats that mattered in the game against the Saints


How do you feel about A.J. Feeley replacing Sam?

I'm sure the thought of benching Sam for A.J. Feeley doesn't make fans happy, but stranger things have happened in the NFL.


A great story about how the Rams press conference really went down this week.

This is a great fan fiction, written by sir Doug. This is a must read


The thankless job of A.J. Feeley

See the thanks A,J, Feeley gets? He leads the Rams to their first win this season, but he get's no credit.


This weeks game ball goes to Steven Jackson

For the first time in a long time the game ball goes to a player on the Rams offense. Before the Rams play the Cardinals, why not go back a few days and see how well he played one more time.


A 6 round mock draft made by buckeyefan55

Not only did Buckeye make a new mock for us to read and criticize like we do every other mock draft, he didn't give the Rams a wide receiver in the first round. With all that being said, this would be a great scenario for the Rams.


The TST writers discuss the Rams chances of beating the Cardinals

We decided on how good of a chance the Rams have to beat the Cardinals this weekend. Most of the answers are positive, can't wait to watch this game.

The Fan posts

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the Rams win vs. Saints

RG31, takes a look at the win against the Saints.



Predictions for the Rams remaining schedule 

 Cameron David Miri, does his best to predict players who will breakout and the rest of the schedule.



A hot topic this week is who should the Rams start at QB, this week.

Brawnwitch asks this question, you should also vote in his poll.