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Fantasy Football Over and Under Achievers

Hello Fantasy Football Fans,

Here is the next installment of what will be a weekly rundown on who I think will over or under perform their weekly rankings from ESPN.   Please note, I will be away next week and will not be able to post or respond to any emails.  Last week we had a pretty good run with a 12-4 in the Underachievers and 5-4 in the Overachievers.   Let’s get to the rankings:




·         Tarvaris Jackson (22)-He has had more than 200 yards in every start and the Dallas pass defense is very shaky.

·         Sam Bradford (17) - He comes back with a new toy in Brandon Lloyd and gets to play Arizona who are near the bottom in pass defense.

·         Mark Sanchez (15)-  Since completion % does not count in fantasy football and he gets the Bills pass defense to play against, he should thrive again with multiple passing touchdowns.

·         Josh Freeman (11)- The Saints defense even made AJ Feeley look good.

·         Lance Ball (46)- Expect John Fox to run the ball quite a bit against a bad Raiders run defense.

·         Donald Brown (40)- He has gotten Td’s in the last few games and with him being the pass catching RB, he should get the most snaps again this week.

·         Brandon Jacobs (29)- With Ahmed Bradshaw being out he should get the bulk of the workload.

·         Chris Johnson (21)- This is the last time he gets a real chance before they turn to a job share, let’s see if he has any pride.

·         David Nelson (44)- With Revis taking out Steve Johnson, there should be plenty of opportunities for him in the slot.

·         Eric Decker (33)-If Tim Tebow can complete a pass over 10 yards, he will again be the target.

·         Antonio Brown (31)- He has the most targets on the Steelers and is 13th overall in the NFL.

·         Darrius Heyward Bey-It more about the matchup than his QB this week.

·         Jordy Nelson (24)- I expect the Chargers to try and take Jennings out of the game which should open up a few big plays.




·         Tom Brady (4)-He has been average at best the past few weeks and playing a tough Giants pass defense will not help him at all.

·         Ryan Fitzpatrick (16)-The Jets have one of the best pass defenses and he is another QB who has not had a big game in weeks.

·         Rashard Mendenhall (11)- I think he can be effective but is just not getting the carries.

·         Ahmad Bradshaw (18)- Even if he plays, it will e limited die to his foot injury.

·         James Starks (22)- He has not had close to a starting RB game this year.

·         Joseph Addai (27)-He is another RB who is not close to healthy and in a blowout will not get enough reps.

·         Mike Wallace (4)-The Raven will take him out of the game and try to make other beat them.

·         Dez Bryant (10)-He just does not put up enough production to count on him to start for your team.

·         Julio Jones (17)-He is coming back to a run first offense.

·         Steve Johnson (21)- Revis will shut him down again like he has in the past.

·         Reggie Wayne (31)-He will e on this list every week until we see any life in the Colts passing game



          Make sure you check your byes.  That is it for this week; we will be off next week on vacation.

  Fantasy Mike