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NFL Picks And Predictions Week 9: Rams Vs. Cardinals

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The St. Louis Rams stunned the football world last week with an upset win over the New Orleans Saints. This week, they look to continue their winning ways on the road in a division game against the Arizona Cardinals. On paper, this game presents an easier matchup for the Rams than last week's game...that's probably what the Saints last week. So, can the Rams make it two in a row? The experts offer a mixed bag in their picks this week.

At ESPN, their panel of seven men and two robots has only three takers for the Rams, all humans. CBS' panel is similarly mixed, with just two picking the Rams out of five. Yahoo! has just one expert picking the Rams on their panel.

Peter King at Sports Illustrated does pick the Rams. King even foresees them breaking the 30-point barrier for the second week in a row, truly revolutionary in and of itself. Of course, he doesn't offer much rationale for the pick, only nothing the excitement that is the NFC West.

Now I wouldn't say this, but I'm sure there are some who'd rather watch the four-hour Kim and Kris Nuptials on rerun than three hours of Rams-Cards live. Maybe even some males.

Man, King going with the timely Kardashian reference, striking a responsive cord with the young people no doubt. Lame.