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Random Ramsdom 11/4: Bradford in light drills


Good morning!!  The Rams are only three days away from playing the Arizona Cardinals and surprisingly neither team knows who their QBs will be.  Kevin Kolb seems unlikely to play with turf toe and Sam Bradford seems unlikely to play with his high ankle sprain.  Both still haven't been ruled out for Sunday though, but it seems like we will get the glaurious QB matchup of John Skelton and AJ Feeley!  On to the links.

Minor participation for Sam

Kathleen Nelson of is reporting that Bradford did some light work in practice yesterday.  Sam did some light training drills in practice and he participated in seven on seven drills.  In Spag's words "He's not quite there yet."  Today will probably be the day that Sam really tries to test out the ankle.  As I've already said, don't expect him to play Sunday.

Chris Long

Jim Thomas had a very good article about Chris Long.  He talks about the pressures of being the number 2 overall pick and being the son of a hall of famer.  Chris is on pace to have  a breakout season.  He had 3 sacks last week which put him at 6 sacks in 7 games.  He is definitely on pace to reach double digit sacks for the first time in his career, and possibly, his first pro bow.

Luck can't join the Rams

Dan Moore from SBNation St. Louis had a nice, but rather short article giving his opinion on why Luck can't join the Rams.

Rams should pass on Luck

Another no Luck to the Rams?!?!  Yes, but this one is from Ramsherd and a great guy to follow on twitter @brennanjsmith.  He's article deals with the fact that when you compare Bradford to Luck they are very similar.  Thus, he sees that it would be stupid to give up a payer, Sam, who's proven that he can be a good QB, for an unproven player, Luck, who hasn't stepped onto an NFL field.

That's all for today.  Have a good one and GO RAMS!!