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Weekly NFL Picks - So You Think Picking Against the Spread is Easy? Here's Your Chance to Prove It, and Win a Prize Too!

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  Just reading the comments of a few TSTers who seem to think picking winners against the point spread is easy? Ha!

  So here's your chance to prove you are all knowing, and win a prize to boot! Enter your own version of the Weekly NFL picks here. First, you'll have to go back to the Week # 9 post and have a look at the spread for each game. Make your picks back here in this thread for ALL 14 games to be played this week. If you don't pick in all 14 games, you're out.

  There will probably be a slew of ties, so I'll assign numbers to each person with the most wins (if their are 17 winners, I'll assign numbers 1 through 17), and use this random number generator to pick a winner. The winner will not only get to become a member of Team TST and pick again LIVE in next week's NFL Picks  post, they'll also win their choice of a new Rams (or other NFL teams jersey if you're a visitor) replica jersey. You'll get to pick your favorite player (subject to availability: It must be a jersey currently offered for sale, and must be from the current Rams team roster, or other NFL teams jersey if you're a visitor) on the current Rams team (or other NFL teams jersey if you're a visitor) and wear it proudly for every game! 

  Deadline for entering this contest is 6am, MDT, Sunday - November 6, 2011. By entering this contest, you accept all decisions made as final. Remember that there are no ties in the TST NFL Picks. If a team is favored by 3 points and wins by three, they win. The spread chosen is the spread this contest is bound by, not spreads provided by other sources. No vintage jerseys can be chosen as prizes. One (1) Jersey will be awarded in to one (1) grand prize winner. The jersey chosen must one in "ready" stock, not one that has to be custom printed.