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Rams vs. Cardinals: 5 Things To Watch

   For the first time this season, the Rams will play against a division rival. Which means now is a good chance to gauge on how far the Rams have come as a team this year. After the Saints game, it's easy to say that the Rams are better than their record.

   This week will be a battle to get out of last place, in the worst division of football. This isn't where anyone expected either of these teams to be at this point. The reality is that both of these teams earned the right to be 1-7, going into a game where the best they can do is stay out of last place

   The good thing about this game, is that it will show how the Rams play against similar talent. So will the Rams get their second win of the season? Maybe, but here's five things to look for during the game.

  1. Who will start at quarterback for the Rams? No, this isn't a quarterback controversy. This is simply will Sam Bradford be ready to play? A.J. Feeley has done enough to be trusted to start; he will be simply asked to manage the game and as we have seen, he can do that. As long as he is put in position to manage the game and not have to make all the plays, the Rams should be fine.

  2. Can the Rams wide receivers take advantage of a weak secondary? The Cardinals will have the weakest secondary the Rams have played all season. Brandon Lloyd will probably do well, but will the other young wide receivers play well? DX, Salas, Gibson and Pettis, should get more passes thrown to them.  

  3. Will Steven Jackson run wild again? Last week was a big game for Jackson. He had 150 plus rushing yards and two touchdowns, to help win the game for the Rams. The Rams want to run the ball against the Cardinals and the Cardinals know this, so they will try to make A.J. Feeley beat them.

   Jackson doesn't have to put up huge numbers to help the Rams offense. If he can get 3-4 yards a touch, that should be enough. He usually puts up good numbers against the Cardinals, so it won't be a surprise to see the trend continue.

  4. Which Rams will we get this Sunday? It's very simple, will the Rams play like they did against the Saints, or will they play like they did the 6 games before? The Rams team last Sunday didn't quit, they kept fighting and came out with a win. This team should be on an emotional high, if the Rams are ever down, it will be interesting to see if they fold or continue to fight.

  5. Can the Rams defense put together another good game? The offense played behind a hyped up Steven Jackson, besides that the offense wasn't much different. However, the Rams defense finally put it all together. James and Chris showed why they are the anchors on the Rams defense. Also, the depleted secondary held down an impressive wide receiving core.

   The Cardinals don't have a good offense, but they still have Larry Fitzgerald. However other them him and Early Doucet, the Rams don't have much to worry about against their offense. This should be a game, where the Rams defense dominates.