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Turf Show Times Mailbag: Winds of Change

Time for another Turf Show Times mailbag, answering all your St. Louis Rams questions and more. Like us on Facebook and ask us questions and we'll answer them. Let's get to the questions for this week.

Lance Fridlund Outside of the obvious replacements that will not come out of retirement (cower, gruden, etc.) who would be the next viable coach in STL? Mike williams from Atlanta?

It's tough to judge that as of right now. There are many coaching candidates out there and the list will have to be narrowed down. Also I do think Cower and Gruden will come out of retirement to get back into the NFL, Gruden especially. Right now if I had to go with a frontrunner, if Spags is indeed fired, I would pick Jeff Fisher.

Conor Ryan ‎1. If spags is fired who would be the TST writers choice to replace him? 2. One mock I saw has the Rams taking Kalil. If thats the case does Jason smith have a future at G or do the rams turn him into the most expensive back up OL in NFL history?

1. Each has their own, but mine is Jeff Fisher.

2. Jason Smith could have a future at guard, but I'm not sure if he will have a future in football. He has suffered his second severe concussion in his career, and I'm not convinced that he will be healthy enough to ever play football again.

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By the way, here's an awesome song that goes with the title.

Rodney Francois Do you think this team needs a physical identity. This season is the worst but not the first filled with injuries. Maybe a expensive strength coach should be a priority

Most of the injuries have been freak injuries, like tearing pecs in the weight room or things like torn ligaments in knees. Both have nothing to do with the strength and conditioning of the players. I really just attribute the huge amount of injuries to bad luck. Injuries happen in football and there's little that can be done to prevent them.

Chris Garvey How bout we beat the niners so we can feel a lil dignity

Yeah, how 'bout that!!!!

Lex Gonzaga L.A.?

Very unlikely, but I'm not going to say no. Until the Rams get a better sense of their future stadium plans in St. Louis the rumors will always be there. Stan Kroenke wants to own his own stadium, something he can't do in LA, and furthermore, he would have to sell a share of the team which he isn't looking to do after just buying the full 100%.

Daniel Salazar ‎1. I read somewhere that rumor had it, fisher is talking to he going to be the new coach? 2. If not, whst are the odds of us getting herm edwards?

He would be a viable candidate if the job open. Herm Edwards could be another possibility, but I'm don't think too highly of him. Never has had great success in the league.

Chris Kuykendall What is the most likely cause of success that some former underacheiving Rams (Laurent Robinson, Chris Ogbonnaya, Ryan Fitzpatrick, etc.) have experienced since leaving the team: poor coaching/scouting, player development, or the overall culture of failure?

All of it. Some guys need time to develop, e.g. Ryan Fitzpatrick, that the Rams couldn't give them. Other guys fit better in new systems and others find that they are used to their strengths better, e.g. Laurent Robinson. Robinson is now used mainly in the slot and is surrounded by so much talent at WR and he is used to find mismatches. In STL he was a starter and the talent around him at WR was terrible, so he received a lot more attention in coverage. A lot goes into why a lot of ex-Rams find success elsewhere.

Turf Show Times What record will the Rams finish with?

I'd say 3-13.

Josh Golding Would we have won more games if Spags was a bit angrier?

Tough to judge, but I don't think it would of had that much more of an impact. Being more aggressive with in game decisions would of helped the team tremendously.

Michael Towery What are your thoughts on #39 staying or leaving next season ?

Staying. He's under contract and there isn't much of a return out there in a trade for a RB his age, no matter how good he is.

Kevin Fles Will all the people who bashed Mike Martz and demanded he be fired, for his careless use of timeouts, despite winning football; be demanding Spags be given an extension, due to his excellent clock management and superb use of timeouts?

Both had bad clock management, they just are both bad at it differently.

Tyler Knobbe What are the chances Mike Martz comes back to STL for HC position? Does the offensive line suck(granted injuries have played a role late) because of coaching, lack of talent, or something else? Why do we continue to have false start penalties in our own house? Columnists continue to say that the effort is me, this is true for the defense but the offense looks flat week in, week out. What do you think about the effort on the offensive side of the ball and why hasn't more blame been put on Sam(in my opinion he exhibits horrible leadership)?

Whoa! There's a lot there. No chance Martz come back to STL for any job. The offensive line in my opinion is just way under talented. There a lack of discipline that lead to false starts in the Dome, in my opinion. I think the effort is there for the offense, but the execution is lacking to say the least. Better results do not mean better effort. There been a lot of blame put on Sam, maybe too much, so more blame would be uncalled for.

Thanks for all the questions!