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The Jaguars, Rams And The Speculative Race To Los Angeles

Once it was announced yesterday that the Jacksonville Jaguars had been sold to Illinois auto parts magnate Shahid Khan, speculation about a move to Los Angeles appeared instantly. Nevermind the facts, or bollocks, the Jaguars fit a narrative as a small market team struggling to sell tickets. Somehow, the St. Louis Rams were even dragged into the mix, as they are anytime the subject of the NFL and LA is mentioned.

One of the first scenarios to emerge was that of the Rams moving to L.A. and the Jaguars moving to St. Louis. Why, because someone made the connection that Khan is from Illinois, tried to buy the Rams, etc. PFT reported that yesterday, getting some speculation from someone in the league, which is still just speculation.

Here's another doozy from Sam Farmer: Jaguars to Orlando and the Buccaneers to L.A.

But wait, that speculation ignores some pretty important facts, facts that have been reported for months by SB Nation's Jaguars site, Big Cat County. Getting out of their lease to the city of Jacksonville would be incredibly difficult and expensive, far more so than the Rams with their gift of an out clause from the Dome lease in 2015.

Two key points to remember here. First, all the move talk right now is pure speculation. Second, anything can happen. A billion dollar business is a big like a 500 lbs gorilla; it does whatever it wants.