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Random Ramsdom 11/30


Hey everybody! It's the last day of November today and who would of predicted that the Rams would be so bad this year, while the 49ers are already looking to clinch the division Sunday? Funny how the NFL season works out. The Rams will be headed out to Candlestick on Sunday to take on the 49ers. The Rams and niners rivalry used to be very good, but it has lost a lot of its luster over the last few seasons. The rivalry might get good again, if the Rams can ever turn this around. Let's get to the links.

Booing at the it excessive

Jim Thomas had an article talking about the booing at the Dome. The players, especially Sam Bradford, are starting to get frustrated with it. They shouldn't be happy about it of course, but many of the players haven't been here for a while and they don't understand how bad this team really has been. We have fallen so far from the GSOT days. Since 2004, the Rams are 29-78. We aren't just booing at the Dome because we are frustrated with this season, this type of season has been the norm in St. Louis for 7 seasons. The players need to stop complaining about the booing and if they want to solve it, all they have to do is play better.

Shahid Khan buys the Jaguars

Khan is well know to be interested in buying the Rams. He made an offer, but Stan Kroenke used his power as a minority owner to match the offer to take full control of the team. Khan has said he wants to keep the Jaguars in Jacksonville, despite all the rumors they will move to LA over the last few years. Even if he wanted to move them it would be tough. The Jags lease runs through 2030 and it would cost hundreds of millions to break that lease.

3 big decisions

Ramsherd takes a look back at 3 big decision in the Cardinals game that gave fans fits.

Sam Bradford's numbers against pressure

Mike Sando had a list of QBs QBR when only 4 are rushing compared to when 5 or more are. Sam Bradford's QBR falls 8 points when 5 or more defenders are rushing, confirming what we fans already know. Sam Bradford really struggles with blitzes.

That's all for today. Have a good one and GO RAMS!!