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NFL Draft notes - college football open thread

  Well, as I type this, Florida St. is in the red zone about to open the score against Boston College in tonight's ACC matchup which is conveniently the only game currently on my watchlist for this week.

  Sure, I'll be busting to try and get as many games in for this week as I can. I'm already behind the ball, as I didn't get my Opponent Proponent Q&A with Jess Root from Revenge of the Birds up today. But hey, it's college football and draft talk now.

  So what's worth seeing in this one? Well, you've got arguably the best 3-4 OLB and 4-3 ILB prospects playing in Florida St.'s Brandon Jenkins and Boston College's Luke Kuechly, respectively. And between the two teams, there are useful cornerbacks aplenty. And Florida St. has several offensive line prospects both in next year's draft and in the pipeline, chiefly OT Andrew Datko. Don't sleep on Seminole OLB Nigel Bradham either.

  If you're watching, here's your open thread.