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TST Mailbag 11/3: When's Sam coming back?

Hey everybody!!  It's time for this weeks mailbag.  You ask us the questions on Facebook and we answer them.  If you want your question answered in a future mailbag, like TST on Facebook.  Let's get to it.

Frank McEntire Superbowl?


Chris Garvey Bradford's status for Sunday?

Bradford didn't practice yesterday and has yet to start practice since injuring his ankle.  I doubt he plays Sunday.  I think that he will be back for the Browns or Seahawks.

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Sergey Konyshev How much does spags/devaney need to cool off their seats?

The win last week sure helped them to cool off their seats.  Still, if the Rams struggle closing this season out, they likely won't last.  They still need to get some wins, and Devaney needs to have some of his draft picks start contributing.

Robert Buchanan III When is Mark Clayton going to play?

He fully participated in practice today, but I still don't think he will play this week.  I think he will be activated next week, but still possible he plays this week.

Ryan Rabson justin blackmon or dre kirkpatrick

If I had to choose between those two, I would go with Blackmon.  It is easier to find good corners in FA and the Rams defense doesn't need shutdown corners to be good.  Just imagine Bradford with Lloyd and Blackmon on the outside.

Joshua Michael Kelley You guys know tatupu is out there right?

And you do know he's overrated right?

Stetson Price Time-table for Bradfords return?

1-3 weeks.  It was originally 4-6 weeks and it's been three.  I think he will be back within the next two though.

JeffMichelle Sweeney What are the advantages of winning anymore games?

Uh...winning.  Look at what the Lions did.  They won their last 4 games, and hurt their draft stock, but they built on that momentum and have carried it over into this season.  

Jimmie Brodersen Why not at least attempt to sign Leigh Bodden?

Something must be wrong with him.  Either he is injured or isn't playing well, because no team has tried to sign him.  Similar to Donnie Avery

Rafay Asrar What took so long for everything to click? And does the team feel confident about potentially turning the whole season around? Lastly, how many wins would save Spags job?

Just getting into sync in the new offense took time.  It's a far more complex system than the west coast the Rams ran last year.  The time lost to the lockout really hurt the Rams this year.  I think that they have to.  As an NFL player, you don't prepare and practice to expect to win.  I would say that their isn't a magic number for wins that would save Spags job.  If the team shows improvement over the second half and they play hard, he will keep his job.

Joe Baccamazzi If Frank Gore goes down, is the West back up for grabs?

Not really.  The 49ers have a big enough lead that losing Gore for the season wouldn't hurt their chances.  The rest of the division is just so far back.

Joe Baccamazzi True or False. The Rams will send a player to the Pro Bowl not named Steven Jackson

True, we have a few other guys who deserve it.  James Laurinaitis, Chirs Long, and Donnie Jones (not because he is playing well, but because he's been screwed out of it some many times.)  VOTE FOR YOUR RAMS!! 

Frank McEntire Do you think Lloyd is going to be drawing double coverage from teams soon?

Yes, because none of the other WRs have proven they can play consistently well.

Imi Fanene u guys see a good chance to save the season?

Depends on what you mean by save the season.  If you mean have a good bounce back and not have a top five pick, then yeah.  If you mean make the playoffs, unlikely...but not impossible.  Remember the St. Louis Cardinals this year. :)

Tom Scheppele Would the O-Line & Bradford be better served if they went back to Jason Brown calling the blitz pickups? In other words, is Sam being asked to do too much without really having an offseason to learn the new offense?

It's possible, but I'm not really sure if that's the way McD wants to run it.  In his system, QBs always call the protections.  Sam is just going to have to take his lumps and learn how to do it better.  I don't think the Rams are asking too much from a guy they picked first overall.  

Daniel Salazar Why haven't we picked up asante samuel?

Because he's not worth a 2nd round pick.  Also I really don't think the Eagles want to trade him.

Alan Clayton How do we let the organization know that we prefer the throwbacks to the current ones? I'm serious. They should change them back. If Denver fans can get Tebow to start, I'm sure we can get a uniform change, at least more often.

Tweet them.  Send them a letter.  Buy a billboard.  Make a group.  Protest.

Joe Baccamazzi Including his 283 he had in Denver with his 127 already in STL, does Brandon Lloyd hit the 1,000 yard mark 2 years in a row?

Yes I think he will.  Won't come close to his 1,500 last year though.

Chad Egelhoff What are the chances that Jason Smith gets converted to guard in the next year?

I think it could happen.  It makes perfect sense.  Bell will be leaving via free agency.  Smith has shown that he can't pass block well enough to play OT, but he can run block very well.  I think he translates nicely to a guard.

Alan Clayton Throwbacks aside (though I am serious), what happened with Jabara Williams? It seemed like he busted his butt to make the team in the pre-season, but could not get playing time once the seaon started. This seemed odd to me with the Ben Leber situation and Poppinga's injury. I know Chamberlain looks good, but Jabara was so young and seemed to have so much upside.

Jabara is not ready to play in the NFL right now.  Simple as that.  Upside only gets you so far.  At some point the upside isn't worth the roster spot.

Conor Ryan If Clayton is activated who gets cut?

I'm thinking Austin Pettis could be the guy.  I think Salas would be safe because he has been good in the slot replacing Amendola.  Pettis hasn't shown much as a WR and he has been sent "back to square one".  

Conor Ryan If spags is fired is mcdaniels in the running for the job?

Probably not.  It will take a few years at least for people to get over his destruction of the Broncos.  Look at Mike Martz for example.  He tore apart the Rams and ruined the franchise with some horrible personal decisions.  He hasn't got a HC job since, and it seems unlikely he will ever get one.  McDaniels is young though.  He will get another shot and failure is the opportunity to being again...this time more intelligently.

Man has this been a long mailbag.  If you read the whole thing...I applaud you.  Thanks to everyone for the questions.