Bradford or Feeley against the Cards?

To be honest, if you'd told me we'd win against the Saints with A.J. Feeley at quarterback, I, along with almost any person who knows what the word "football" means would have said you need to share whatever you're smoking.
In fact, even with Sam Bradford at QB that notion would have you laughed out of the teahouse.

It happened, and after the game and even recently I've posted my doubts as to whether Feeley should go against the Cardinals or if Sam should be rushed into the lineup. Sure he's coming along, but this week we're playing another 1-6 team who doesn't likely have Kevin Kolb in the lineup.

Feeley's been taking all the reps in practice even though Sam's out of his bootie, and the more reps A.J. gets, the more comfortable he's getting.

What do you think?