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Turf Show Times - Team TST Member: Dalton Kenyon

Name: Dalton Kenyon

TST Screen name: RAMpage28

D.O.B.: May 24th

Rams fan Since: 2001

Favorite Game Time Food: Popcorn

Best Sports Stadium in the World: I haven't been to any, so I can't decide on one

Favorite Rams Player of All-Time: Torry Holt

Favorite Ram Player on Current Roster: Steven Jackson

2011 Rams Season Prediction: 8-8

In His Own Words:  I was born and raised here in Wisconsin and am close to the Minnesota border. One of the biggest reasons I decided to be a Rams fan was to break away from the crowd. That and at the time I started being a fan the Rams had all the players. Holt, Bruce, Faulk, Warner the list goes on. A high powered offense that was extremely entertaining to watch. Then the team fell on hard times but I stuck with them. I could have jumped on any other bandwagon but I decided to stick with them. It looks like things are starting to change and I'm looking forward to it. Of course I said that last year and things haven't been to great this year but it's coming very soon.