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Random Ramsdom: 11/3/2011

Rams news stretching the cosmos, 11/3/2011
Rams news stretching the cosmos, 11/3/2011
Sweet Galapagos Islands Batman! There are few things I enjoy more than having an amazing breakfast. Hash browns (Firefox tells me hashbrowns is not a word- shame on you Mozilla), pancakes, and of course, a Denver omelet. Speaking of Denver...

Tim Tebow not Upset about Tebowing - Forget planking. (And yes, that was probably one of the worse transitions you've ever seen, as I have no skills in transitioning.) Tebowing is the new celebration of choice. Perhaps Brandon Lloyd will show us how it is done on Sunday?

Brandon Lloyd Saves the Day - Oh yes, I did it again. Did you see that transition? It was beautiful. Sort of like Brandon Lloyd converting on a critical 4th down. Three for three. I'm on fiirree.

Cardinals vs. Rams- Breakdown - Mark over at Ramsgab has a breakdown of the upcoming game. He's begging for a win, but at this that so wrong?

Mike Sando Confirms Steven Jackson is a Predator - Purely scientific fact. Check out the numbers and be amazed. Oh, and that Frank Gore guy...who does he think he is?

Mike Sims-Walker Traded to Jagaurs, but Retains Rams Injury Bug - Some guys (minus the Colts) just can't catch any Luck.

Bradford Taking Baby Steps at Practice -Off the field however, he is honing his ping pong skills nightly. Word is that he invited Brandon Lloyd to play a game or two to get to know him.

That's all for today. Go Rams!