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1 - 10: The St Louis Rams Chances of Winning at the Arizona Cardinals

It's time once again for the TST staff to play 1 to 10 (10 being best chance, 1 being worst). Coming off an incredible victory, and no doubt the best one in Spagnuolo's tenure (I know, there haven't been a ton) the Rams head to the desert to take on the Arizona Cardinals.

This weeks topic: What are the chances 1-10 of the St Louis Rams Winning at the Arizona Cardinals?

Arizona Snapshot: The 1-6 Arizona Cardinals are a team that definitely has problems of their own. After starting off the season with a win at home against the Panthers, the Cardinals have rattled off 6 straight losses... some against formidable opponents (@WASH, @SEA, NYG, @MIN, BYE, PITT, @BAL). To top it off, they may now be without starting QB Kevin Kolb this week due to a turf toe injury. He is listed as day to day.

Looking Back At Last Week: Last week, the Cardinals let a 24-3 lead slip away at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens, as they ended up losing the game 30-27... a true heart breaker. The Rams had a similar lead against the Saints at 24-0 in the third quarter, and let the Saints climb back into the game late at 24-14... but the Rams held on to win 31-21 thanks to a big pick 6 by SS Darian Stewart.

Each Team's QB Situation: The Rams may indeed once again start backup QB A.J. Feeley in place of an injured Sam Bradford. Feeley did an OK job last week against the Saints. The Cardinals look to be starting the popular back up QB John Skelton in place of an injured Kevin Kolb. Yep, it's looking more and more like a backup QB battle.

Questions To Ask:

  • Which Rams team will show up... the 3 and out offense, and the rushers dream defense, OR the total opposite which appeared last week (please god)?
  • Will A. J. Feeley continue his acceptable play and not be an INT machine?
  • Will RB Steven Jackson continue to roll (heads), or better yet...
  • Will the Rams offensive line keep their play elevated to open holes for him, and also protect Feeley?
  • More specifically, can Adam Goldberg continue to play well at RT?
  • What question do you have (ask in comments below!)

Let's hear from TST Managers, Editors and Authors on this one after the jump... and please take the poll!

PS: Please submit your own rating and explanation in the comments below! 10 being the best chance, and 1 being the worst. If you've never commented before, give it a shot. Registration is free and fast... plus we don't bite, and I promise it will get addicting!

Ryan Van Bibber

8 - This is the best matchup yet for the Rams. Games against division rivals are always tougher than they appear, especially on enemy turf. Still, the Cardinals' offensive struggles and the likelihood of Kevin Kolb being sidelined, give the Rams pass rush an excellent opportunity to build on what they did against the Saints. Arizona's defense presents an inviting target for Brandon Lloyd and the Rams receivers, and if Sam Bradford can return this week, his accuracy could have them picked apart by half time. Even with Feeley under center the Rams should be fine. Washington and Minnesota are the only teams that did not have a receiver with a 100-yard game against the Cardinals. If the Rams lose to Arizona, even by a little bit, expect plenty of upset fans and a very uncomfortable two months for Steve Spagnuolo.

Douglas M

8 - Our defense is still the key. If it's the one that showed up against the Saints, we have this game all but won. We'll need to hope Feeley doesn't channel Cassel or Rivers this week, and that SJ39 stays on fire!

Mike Dietrich

6 - if Skelton plays and a 3 if Kolb plays. I am not convinced that last week is not an aberration and Arizona is pretty solid at home


8- Rams got over the hump last weekend finally. Arizona, on the other hand, is riding a 6-game losing streak that includes last week's game in which they let a 24-3 lead slip away as the Ravens kicked the winning field goal as time expired. There are some big names from the Rams' inactive sheet last week that might return, so there's no certainty here. But if a depleted side can get it done against the Saints, a fuller squad should be able to get a win out of this one.


6 - As great a game as the Rams played Sunday versus the Saints, I'm still not completely sold in their consistency (especially on offense). The Rams came out fired up particularly after a visit from the World Series Champs, so adrenaline was running high. SJAX also had a career game. Will this success continue? For a young team, this could be a perfect spot for a major hangover. I think there was improvement, but until I see a few weeks strung together, i'm not completely sold. That said, I still think we have a better than average chance at getting the win.

Brick Top

7 - The Rams will be on the road, which is always tough in the NFL. Also they will still be playing AJ Feeley. I don't think the defense can play out of their minds two weeks in a row, but this is the AZ Cardinals we are talking about, and Kevin Kolb is unlikely to start. I expect a win 20-13.


10 - There is basically no way the Rams can lose the game. Well it's the Rams so there is still a good chance they let everyone down. But coming off of an emotional win against the Saints and the Cardinals choking against the Ravens, this game should be a win for the Rams. If the Rams lose then Spags might not be around for another week.


8 (if Bradford plays) - The team played great vs the Saints and I think the momentum will roll over to this week.


N/A - I don't think I'm going to do one because I didn't participate last week and we won. Don't want to mess with the streak lol

Eric Nagel

6 - While I think the Rams finally have some momentum, they need to limit their mistakes or risk falling back down the rabbit hole. Of course, having a pumped up Steven Jackson couldn't hurt.