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Jilted In 2010 By Stan Kroenke, Shahid Khan Buys The Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars connections to the St. Louis Rams are simply frightening today. The most recent tangent, Illinois auto parts magnate Shahid Khan will buy the Jaguars. Rams fans know Khan from his attempt to buy the Rams in 2010.

Khan was close to signing on the dotted line to purchase the 60 percent share Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez, passed to them by Georgia Frontiere. Stan Kroenke swooped in at the last minute and exercised his right to purchase the remaining portion of the team, giving him 100 percent ownership.

According to Peter King, Kroenke move "disappointed" Khan for very personal reasons.

Khan's Americanization as a kid was centered around a love of football. Very disappointed when Kroenke trumped his bid for Rams in 2010.

Not that it matters much to me, ultimately, but there is a bit of cosmic justice in Khan finally getting to purchase an NFL team. Like he did with the Rams, Khan is promising to keep the Jags in their current city.

Now, let's just hope Kroenke gets the Rams functional sooner than the Jags find their direction.