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Cardinals Vs. Rams: Steve Spagnuolo Press Conference & Cracker Barrel

Gather round the internets children, and prepare yourselves to listen live to Uncle Spagnuolo's Massachusetts Aw Shucks Shuffle. Glue your ears to the speakers as the lame duck St. Louis Rams head coach recites the same of litany of shoulder shrugging obliviousness. 

Fortunately, the injury report is relatively short this week. We're waiting on news about Dominique Curry's shoulder and Darian Stewart's noggin. Other than that, Spagnuolo won't be able have an injury report to distract the local media from it's customary Monday afternoon cracker barrel time. 

If you haven't read 3k's piece today about the rotten culture of losing that has infected this organization, you need to read it. Now. If you watch the press conference, you'll see the culpability of the local media, most of that semi-pro bunch anyway, in allowing the Rams to happily accept their fate as a losing NFL team. 

The video of Spags' chat and chew is after the jump, available only for the brave. If you're looking for answers, you won't find them here. 


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