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Should The Rams Fire Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo?

Head coach Steve Spagnuolo of the St. Louis Rams has an uncertain future with the team.
Head coach Steve Spagnuolo of the St. Louis Rams has an uncertain future with the team.

The results were once again not very good for the St. Louis Rams. The final score and the events that unfolded during the game did nothing to bolster Steve Spagnuolo's case to remain head coach of the Rams for one more year. Today, Turf Show Times asks Rams fans to weigh in on Spagnuolo's future with the team.

Spagnuolo signed a four-year contract with the Rams in January 2009. The deal is worth $11.5 million, a very modest contract for a candidate with no prior NFL head coaching experience.

Spagnuolo vaulted himself into the top tier of coaching candidates in 2009 following two very successful seasons as the defensive coordinator for the New York Giants. His aggressive defense famously handed the Patriots a Super Bowl loss, the first loss of their undefeated 2007 season. The Giants defense was and still is loaded with talent, thanks to General Manager Jerry Reese, whose personnel successes can only be envied at Rams Park.

As the Rams leader, Spagnuolo has come to be defined by his tentativeness, a tendency to play not to lose rather than to play to win. Nowhere was that more evident in his decision to punt in two different fourth-and-short situations in yesterday's loss the Cardinals.

Spagnuolo has also had considerable sway over decisions made at Rams Park, everything from roster moves and talent acquisition to the firing of the long-time equipment manager and other non-coaching support staff. In short, Spagnuolo has definitely made his imprint on the organization, and he has a 10-33 record to show for it.

So what say you Rams fans, should owner Stan Kroenke fire his head coach? Should he do it now or wait until the season ends?